The London Eye

Cost: 15-20 pound.

Wait: 2 hours without advanced ticket

30 minutes with advanced ticket.

Worth it?: YES. YES. YES!


I know they renamed it the Millennium Eye,  or EDG Energy London Eye (they change it too much for me to keep up or care really) but the London Eye just sounds better, they should have just left it alone.

The London Eye is well worth the long wait in line! You can purchase advance tickets to avoid about a third of the insane crowds waiting their turn on the giant ferris wheel. The Eye is constantly moving, very slowly.

About 15 people fit in each pod on the wheel, which has a long bench in the centre. The fact that the entire pod is basically glass and some metal makes it perfect for grabbing postcard shots of Jolly Ole’ London.

Interesting fact: The security team scans each pod for explosives, each time it empties. London has some of the most heightened security in the world after the Tube Bombings.



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